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Car Hire in Samos Island

Combine your holidays in Samos with a safe car rental in low budget prices. Our hotel owns cars for rent with signed full insurance (FDW) and offers free private parking next to the hotel. Select from a range of cars according to your needs.

No need to bother for your transportation in Samos, Hydrele Hotel Car Hire services guarantee a safe car rental deal at the most reliable  terms and conditions.

Book in advance your car and schedule your car rental pick-up from samos airport or port.

For long term car rentals in Samos we offer weekly discounts. Benefit from our offers and our Special Deals.

Our Vehicles fleet includes the following types of cars:

  • Cat A. Nissan Micra
  • Cat B. Fiat Punto
  • Cat C. Peugeot 206
  • Cat D. Ranault Clio
  • Cat E. Jeep Suzuki 4x4